Foreign Direct Investment

International locations are selected for a variety of reasons. For some it is to exploit the market potential with the help of a sales office; to undertake production locally with the aim of reducing manufacturing costs or gaining access to qualified staff; or for a new R&D centre to open doors to new ideas in local universities and research organisations.

Energetic factors can also play a role in choosing a foreign location. By being nearer to sources of raw materials energy-intensive industries can minimise their plants’ energy requirements and reduce their carbon footprints.

Economic development organisations and investment promotion agencies will also benefit from the international experience of add2biz. In addition to evaluating the current activities and strategies for developing the market, we improve the communication with investors and formulate an appropriate marketing strategy to attract investors to your region – and not lose them to competitor locations.

add2biz approaches both potential as well as the head offices of existing foreign investors on your behalf and then fosters and develops the contacts. As for private companies add2biz also establishes contact with highly qualified staff at universities and research establishments.

add2biz is more than familiar with the structures and decision-making processes in this business and manages strong relationships with clients.

As such, add2biz may be described as a business ambassador for your organisation.