International Trade

Success in foreign markets requires far more than a good product or service at a competitive price. One must have knowledge of the market, insight into the key players and how they make their decisions. In short, one must think and act like the locals and ensure that one works with and not against the business culture. Above all, you need perseverance.

add2biz specialises not just in international trade, rather international company development. By working in close co-operation and partnership we lay the foundations for entrepreneurial self-confidence and the capability to tackle new markets independently.

At the outset add2biz assesses the capabilities of your company, then manages and, if necessary, amends the expectations.

add2biz recommends the appropriate market-entry mechanisms and develops the right strategy. Visiting the market frequently demonstrates commitment: experience shows that a trip just to the annual trade show is often insufficient.

add2biz supports companies with the management of their sales intermediaries in order to maximise results.

add2biz is well versed in the workings of the trade show business and can turn your visit into a profitable experience. With more than 100 of the world’s top 150 trade shows our location is particularly well placed as an international hub.

Moreover, add2biz contacts potential clients, arranges appointments and accompanies you as a mobile interface throughout all phases of the business process – right up until success is achieved.