Strategic Partnership

Companies need to select the best routes for entering international markets. From exporting products via commission agents and distributors to founding a subsidiary or production plant abroad, companies should always operate in tune with the strategy for tackling new markets.

Even at an early stage add2biz is the partner ideally suited for advising on the efficient use of resources and how to keep the costs down. Finding, interceding and negotiating other partnership forms are possible through greater knowledge of and familiarity with international markets.

Owing to their specific know-how, strategic partnerships, be they with companies or organisations, can from the outset be better vehicles for serving the market. A substantial investment or an arduous sales drive then often falls by the wayside. Experience shows that the total costs of relocating to lower wage economies often turn out to be higher than originally thought.

add2biz can draw on many years of experience and activity within Europe and Asia and, when required, utilises an established network of specialists.

Nothing stands in the way of your company finding a solution and achieving success abroad.